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Alderman Meeting 5MAR2019 See how they treat me



October 31, 2018

Submitted Building permit as told by Kerry Smith is what i need to do.  Stopped all progress with Dirt and Concrete as requested by Kerry Smith

January 17, 2019

Due to no feedback/notification went to Building department to find out about my Permit.  First words out of Kerry's mount you permit did not get approved.  Would not give me reason whys and permit only stated in red ink CANNOT APPROVE.  Was told again by Kerry Smith no work can be done.  Have to talk to his boss as by his words he is told what to do by her Amy Heath.

Amy not available.  Submitted Emails to to Mayor Hal Harx CC'ing Amy Health, Kerry Smith and CC'ing 5 of the 7 alderman due to the other two not having emails on the City's Website.

Emails continued with no answering of questions, being told three different ways to handle the issue but still no specifics and no response to issue of them not following their own Laws/Regulations.  No alderman contacted and no city official came to my business location.

Even went and spoke to MDEQ in person and I am in compliance as my lot is under the requirement to need anything from the state.  MDEQ rep was also lied to by Kerry Smith as MDEQ person stated to me in person that he said I could build up to the height of surround lots but his issue is the Concrete that I was using for fill.  Letter from MDEQ rep states this fact plus provided us with a document from the state that states Concrete is a beneficial fill.


Kerry Smith Shows up with MDEQ in regards to the concrete stilling on pad that has been their since before 10/31/2018 because they City called MDEQ on me calling me a makeshift landfill.  Kerry Smith would not leave my business location after being told he is not welcome here.  Had to call the police on him but again he would not leave stating to the officer he was here to investigate a complaint.  He could not provide the complaint, the complaint number.   After this went and talked to Alderman Craig Bullock about  this.  No response from anyone with the city till Kerry Smtih hand delivered letter 2/20/2019


9am I called Alderman Craig Bullock he did not answer so I left a message.  Then around 2pm Kerry Smith pulls in with a police officer  behind him.  He and the officer step inside he hands me a letter with a Storm Ordnance Code.  Kerry Smith states if i have questions i would need to come by building department office.  Letter is address to My wife and I and signed by Kerry Smith.   First off my wife is not on any of the business and this letter should of been address to only the business as my business is an LLC.  Giving us 7 days to correct the issues that where listed in letter not even this means they are again not following their own laws/regulations.  Plus the letter does not state specific code number in violotion of or the fact it does not have a number assigned to it.  Went to Building department to find out Kerry Smith will not speak.  Only stayed at his desk trying to call the police department.  Police officer shows up and Kery said he was afraid for his safety from two disabled people.  Would not get his Boss Amy Heath or the Mayor in the office so we can get to the bottom of the issue.  Ended up being told to leave and escorted out by Petal Police Officer.  Then up the road to the Mayors office for his to already be outside and when he saw us coming he signaled for his Police Chief and other officer to come.    The police Chief and the other officers kept us back away from the Mayor.  Mayor personally wanted to make a scene on the porch or City Hall.  He again talked down to us as we are not citizen, nor a business owner coming to city's Mayor with a complaint.  He kept saying I've told you what to do.  Going in front of the board is still not follow the ordances/laws.  That is his answer go in front of the board.  As I stated to Alderman Craig Bullock on 2/7 I have PTSD with bad anxiety and asked for special circumstance, even the ADA states they must comply with my request of the room to be empty as I can't do groups.   Mayor said its a public meeting and will not have a special meeting at another time or make special considerations.  He even made the statement he does not want my business in the City of Petal.  He also stated that our Neighboring Business Roger's Pharmacy complained which is why I got the letter today.  This was fabricated by the Mayor and his staff becasue Kim Rogers Owner personall made 4 attemps to tell me that he did not complain to the city.  He wanted to be sure I knew that.  We are a problem only because I posted everything that is going on after Kerry showed up with MDEQ on 2/7.  Mayor again had us leave and would not speak to us about the issue and his staff.  Then proceed to A1 Graphics to speak to Alderman Craig Bullock.  I first apologized for interrupting his during his business hours but told him this is a problem as I can't even ask the board for anything as the next meeting is not till after 7 days.  That I consider this Harassment but its more a personal vendetta that the Mayor has again my family and I and my business.  If he was an actually business man he'd meet, talk with us and come to a solution but this is not the case.   So now I must go in front of the board March 5th, 2019 to see what they have already made their minds up about as they are not going to take any of what I say.  I spent 15 years 6 months 8 days Active Navy Seabee  Builder doing construction for the Navy only to be told by the Mayor that I do not have the experience of Engineer and my word does not mean anything.

First Complaint October 2018

Kerry Smith called to tell me I have to stop the build up of my business lot as I am pushing water onto neighboring lots.  This was him letting me about a complaint and he was the investigator.  As per Chapter 18 Laws and Code Enforcement Sec 18-23 (1)(a) "where applicable to the provision of this chapter, distrubted to the building inspector or otherwise distrubuted to appropriated city departments for handling  " (1)(b) "The City Code Enforcement staff will be responsible for recording and documenting all complaints" (2) (b) "If the suspected violation involves and area outside the code enforcement officers designated area of expertise, the officer shall return the notification to the code enforcement office for them to record and forward to the appropriate City department for handling" (2)(d) "A Copy of the notice of violation will be kept at the code enforcement office for follow-up and actions.  The code enforcements office will be responsible for maintaining accurate and complete records of each violation received from officers". (2) (e) " The code enforcement officer shall be responsible for establishing and case file that is designated by a case number"

Stormwater Regulation Chapter 15

"15.58 No owner of any parcel of land or property, whether with or without a structure thereupon, shall permit the erosion or escape of soil, sand, gravel, or similar material from said parcel onto any adjoining property."    This specifically states that all properties around me are in violation.

"15.59 0 to .9 acre of land disturbed:  No permit or SWPPP currently required"  This states that I can route water and build a detention pond without telling the city or pulling a permit.

"15.59.1 Section B (A) It is prohibited to place fill material or construct impervious cover or construct or place any other structure on such person's property or perform any excavation or grading in a manner, which alters the flow of surface water across said property in a manner which damages any adjacent property."  The Dirt retention wall around the areas where I was told I was pushing water off onto is built to stop this issue from arising.   Second this verifies I am not causing harm to surround properties as my storm run off is not flowing into their properties.  Third the surround properties storm run off never flowed across my lot.  Only filled in low area which no way of escaping which is why I already have standing water for days after a rain fall. 

"15.59.1 Section B (B) The Above requirment shall be accomplished through one of the following means:  (1) Design and construction of an on-site  stormwater detention facility, or facilities by the landowner or developer which limits the peak flood flows .


WDAM came and interviewed me.  Aired on 10 o'clock news.